Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I'm Learning About Myself This Summer

Mainly... I'm either a big hypocrite, or a big contradiction.

1) I hate all the clutter and dirty surfaces in the kitchen, even though my own room looks like the Jolly Green Giant went searching for his long lost puppy in it.

2) I hate it when people are late for meetings... yet I'm pretty much late to everything.

3) I hate it when I see my roommate sleeping in so late during the day (mostly because I have to wake up at the fricking butt crack of dawn and wish I could be sleeping), even though if I have the opportunity to sleep that late, I jump on it.

4) I hate a messy desk at my office, but at home, my desk is a warzone.

5) I hate being bored at work and just doing nothing... but work in itself makes me bored (as well as the whole no sleep thing... ha)

6) I hate having a ton of people around (especially when they just come into the office to take some citrus basil hand lotion... what the hell?), but I get really irritated when I'm all by myself for too long, too.

7) I hate backseat drivers... but if you've ever had to deal with me in the passenger seat, you'll know that I am one myself.

8) I hate it when people slack off at my bus driving job, and yet I do it all the time here in Emmaus (hence the blog updating)

In other news... my office now has air conditioning... except now I can't open the window... which sucks, because right now I'd rather have the window open than the air on. I also lost one full pound this week. Pretty good considering I went home this weekend and gorged myself on Lou Malnati's and Portillos. Indeed.

Back to work. :o)

PS--Johnnie Java TOTALLY opens in 3 days.

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