Friday, June 26, 2009

Quite possibly the longest stream of obscenity I have ever uttered in my life.

Who the FUCK ever decided that it was EVER okay to take someones wet laundry out of the dryer, when it's their turn to do laundry according to the laundry schedule, place it on top of the dryer to finish drying their TWO fucking items of clothing that didn't dry in time for the other person to start drying their full load of laundry? Who DOES that? Apparently, someone in Westkaemper does, and I'm fucking pissed. Grow the fuck up. You didn't sign up for laundry, I did. You weren't done when my time started. I even gave you an entire fucking HOUR extra because you put so much SHIT in the laundry. That is NOT the way it works. So FUCK OFF.

God damn worst fucking day of my life so far. Shit ass mother fucker. GF;HGFASHBUIPAGHP.

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