Saturday, June 20, 2009


I get asked often what exactly I want to do after graduation with a degree in theology and minor in nothing (it would have been a minor in english/writing, if only they offered classes next semester for english... so frustrating), and slim-pickins for a good ministry job anywhere... and the only real confident answer I can give is that I am definitely not going to grad school anytime soon. I also tend to give this automated answer about the possibility of volunteering. I have definitely been thinking about taking a year or two off to volunteer with some volunteer agency somewhere since the beginning of my sophomore year... but honestly... I just haven't given it deeper thought since. It's always been in the back of my mind, however, and the other night I decided to visit the Jesuit Volunteer Corp website (which is the one I was the most intrigued by two years ago) and I felt it. I felt it. I don't know what it is, exactly, but I felt it. It made me feel like how Elizabeth must have felt when Mary visited her carrying the Christ child, and the baby lept in her own womb. I don't have any babies in my womb or anything, but something in me bursted. I just got so excited. I haven't felt this since my freshman year when I started learning about being a bus driver. Well actually, the last time I felt this kind of "soul burst" was more this past year... I've actually felt it a couple times for a couple of situations. But. The most concrete example I have of the soul burst would be the bus driving example, especially since that is proof enough to me that the soul burst leads me into good directions. And you know, my sophomore year I was trying to discern the possibility of transferring to either Loyola or DePaul University in Chicago, and I decided not to transfer at all, but I did also learn that I would loove to go to Loyola when I am able to. And the other night, upon further investigating the JVC website, I learned of the Magis program, which is a special Masters program for former JVCs through Loyola University, where they all live in community and are assigned to certain volunteering locations in Chicago and also take classes to get a masters degree in whatever areas are listed with the program (including pastoral studies and secondary education... which is pretty much right up my alley).

But anyway. I'm indescribably excited at this possibility. It just feels like good things are right around the bend for me in my life right now... and the possibility of being part of the Jesuit Volunteer Corp after graduation is part of it. If anyone is reading this who just so happens to have experience with the JVC, please feel free to comment this blog, I'd love to hear about your experiences. :-)

Bye. :o)

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