Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I mostly have one celebration... that I hit the 5 pound mark at Weight Watchers! Woooooo. haha. I still like to claim that I lost more than 5 pounds... because if you consider the weight I was at the beginning of the year, pre-Weight Watchers, I was actually about 7 pounds heavier. So. Really... my net weight loss is 12 pounds. Very nice.

One thing I've been noticing about starting to lose weight and working out more is that it's getting a lot easier to climb the stairs in the Quad. I can make it up to Quad 2 without feeling as out of breath. Granted, I'm still breathing sort of heavily... moderately/heavily... but it's a LOT easier. I used to have to take a break and collect myself before making my last trek up the final flight of stairs in Luke Hall... but now I can do it all nonstop. I know it's only 2 floors in the Quad, and most people can easily climb 2 floors in the Quad, but you know what, it was hard for me. And now it's getting easier. So there.

I also wanted to make my grown up birthday wish list. I was thinking to myself about it, and I realized it's really pathetic, but still. This is what I want.
1) One year subscription to Weight Watchers magazine.
2) A Weight Watchers dessert cookbook.
3) Some kind of cookbook with suuuuuper easy recipes in it to help me grow in my cooking skills.
4) A new pair of gym shoes
5) One of those nifty Glade air fresheners for my apartment.
6) A blender
7) New silverware (at least a cheap, but complete, set)
8) Money for a haircut and maybe color. Maybe.
9) Groceries
10) Cookie sheets
11) Muffin tins
12) Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner products (only because I am REALLY curious about them... especially if it really does take the effort out of bathroom cleaning... and I REALLY don't want to spend money on brand-name products... hahaha)
13) Ticket to a Twins game (nosebleed section is fine) [it's funny that I ask this, actually, because I'm not even a big Twins fan or anything... but I really loved the last game I went to because of how much fun I had]
14) One month paid for Weight Watchers
15) A big whiteboard calender for my roommates and I.

And to be completely, 100% honest, a phone call wishing me happy birthday would truly suffice. I'm really past the point where the presents matter. I mean they matter because the things I'm asking for are things that aren't necessarily necessary (with the exception of groceries), but would be helpful if I didn't have to spend my own money on it, you know? I would actually just love a phone call, or a handmade card. :-) Something that tells me that you remembered. That would be lovely.

I think I'm going to play the Sims3 for awhile. That game is bomb. Ka-POW!! ha. Bye.

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