Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 29.

My birthday is on June 29th this year. That is in one week. 7 days. I guess 8 days if you still count today, but I would rather not, because I would rather my birthday come sooner than later. I'll be the big 2-1. I'm excited, because this year, since I'm in Minnesota, my parents are coming up to visit me for my birthday. This is quite epic, seeing as how my parents always come up with excuses to not visit me at any given opportunity for family bonding that the school offers. My parents will be coming up Saturday and will be leaving Tuesday. I think Saturday I'm going to go to Mass, cook them dinner, and maybe go see a movie. Sunday... I think Sunday I want to go to the Mall of America, since they've never been, and then maybe swing down to Hastings to learn about the history my family has there. I'll make dinner for my family again on Sunday night, and who knows what we'll do after. I really have no idea. Monday, I have to work until noon, but then after I'm going to show my parents around campus and take them to see the transportation shop. I'm super excited for that. Then after that I was thinking about hittin up the Big Ball o Twine... but then I learned that the BBOT is an hour away... so we might not be able to go there... which is sad. I can't think of anything better to do with my family than go see a big ball of twine. haha. But then, that night, since I can't go to prison as I will be in the company of my parents, I think they're going to take me out to dinner... to a restaraunt I haven't decided on yet. I would love to do something fun in the evening... like bowling!!... but I guess that depends on a) what time it is, b) how tired my parents are, and c) if any of my friends are up for going out on a monday night.

I was facing this huge dilemma tonight... should I post my birthday on Facebook, or no? I was very strongly opposed to it at first, because I'm really tired of getting a billion messages from people I haven't seen since my sophomore year of high school wishing me a happy birthday. But you know what? To be honest... it's nice having someone remember your birthday. And if I never told anyone my birthday, it would be good, because they could see it up on facebook. And I decided that I don't think I could really handle people forgetting my birthday... i'm just too stinking lonely up here as it is sometimes... especially at this particular time of the month, when I know my stupid and psychotic ex-boyfriend named Fred will probably wind up scratching at my door again... which he does every single month... almost like clockwork. I know one time he left me a few drunk messages on my voicemail saying he would stop by, but he was too busy drinking his weight in liquor, thus reminding me of why I dumped his sorry behind to begin with, but not showing up that time. But seriously. This guy is just crazy. And he's so stinking moody!! Ugh! Fred! Seriously! ah. sorry. I just get all worked up thinking about it sometimes. hahaha ("once you GET THIS...."--bobertz). Conversations involving Fred are always the best conversations, though. But that's beside the point. The point is that I want people to know when my birthday is. I want my birthday to be a time of celebration. I want to know that someone out there cares that I was born on June 29, 1988. I want someone to prove my silly brain wrong... when it tells me that my birthday isn't a special day at all... I want it to be special. So basically, what I'm trying to say is that my birthday is now posted on Facebook. I gave in.

This post is entirely too long for the subject matter. But it's too late to apologize... it's too laaaaaate....

I feel better already.

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