Monday, May 18, 2009

Today, in celebration of my BC in metaphysics, I decided to take advantage of a certain sale at a certain store that I rarely go to because the articles of clothing in that certain store are way too ridiculously high. I decided to get something special for myself, two something specials, as a matter of fact. One something was originally $42 and was marked down to $29.95... which was a good deal in my eyes. The other I was fully willing and ready to pay the $48 price tag because, lets face it, I worked hard in metaphysics, and I deserved a little somethin somethin. I got up to the cashier and somehow, I was only getting charged $49. Turns out one something special was $29.50, while the other only rang up $19.99. I kept my mouth shut.

The thirty dollars I saved went to pay for my first monthly pass at Weight Watchers. That's right. I'm coming out of the weight-loss closet. I joined Weight Watchers today. Legit joined. Paid my own money joined. Attended the meeting joined. I'm telling you this as a cry out for help, because I need it. And that's what we talked about at our meeting today... how to ask for help. I'm awful at asking for help. I see asking for help as a sign of weakness.

But you know what? I joined Weight Watchers today. I'm going to lose between 70 and 80 pounds. I'm going to welcome a brand new me... because for too long, while I do love and accept myself the way I am, I have been misjudging the size of my body and running into things. I want to cook well for myself and take care of myself and make good decisions by myself. I need to develop some kind of will power to fight against temptation. I am doing a disservice to myself, to others, and to God, by continuing to destroy my body in this way. And one day, if I am blessed with a spouse and the call to family life, I want to be able to make good decisions for the sake of my children. So please. Help me. Please don't force high calorie foods on me that I don't need. Please work out with me. Please? It would mean the world to me.

Today, at my first Weight Watchers meeting in... 8 years... we learned about how to ask for help, and how to prepare for special social engagements so we don't go overboard with our points and food choices. I felt like I was gearing up for battle. It was intense. I got all excited about counting calories. And today, at Cashwise, when I went to buy my groceries after my meeting, I actually looked at food labels and bought the foods that were better for me, even if they were a dollar more than the generic brand. It's really empowering, actually.

So here are some before pictures. Maybe I'll update them as my life progresses.

Me! Nevermind the mess behind me. oy.
I'm ready!!!!


  1. Fun tip from someone who's been there: save those shorts. Take a picture later in them. Even better, save the whole outfit

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