Saturday, May 16, 2009



I took Metaphysics this semester... which is easily the most difficult class in the entire humanities department at St. John's University... and easily the most difficult class I've ever had to take over the course of my entire almost-21-years of existence. Our entire grade was based on 4 things... our midterm (which I got an F-- on... if F--'s existed), our homework (which I got mostly C's on average), our final exam, and our final paper. Now since I received the F-- on my midterm and had been getting mostly C's on my homework, I figured my grade in that class was somewhere hovering in limbo between a C and a D... which was simply not acceptable. I think I needed a solid C for the class to even count toward my theology major, and a D for it to count for any credit at all. I got a lot of weird looks from people this semester, because seriously, the only reason why anyone should have to endure Metaphysics is if they are a philosophy major and are required to take it... anyone else is just crazy, because it's that hard. And I could have taken other 300-level philosophy classes... but I chose Metaphysics... because I wanted a challenge (ha!). Anyway. My final for metaphysics consisted of 2 questions... and each question took me an hour and 15 minutes to answer as thouraghly as possible (the reason I failed my midterm was not because the information I put down was incorrect, but because I simply did not write enough... if that gives you an idea of how hard this class was). My final paper wound up being 10 pages long (my prof didn't give a page length requirement... he simply said that we had to write as much as it took to answer the question, "What do you see?" and then write a response to a novel we've recently read in light of this question). I actually cried after handing in my final and my paper on the last day of class because I worked so hard on it and was so worried about it... and I was so worried about the kind of doo-doo I'd be in if I wound up failing that class... and...

MY FINAL GRADE FOR METAPHYSICS IS A BC!!!!!! Which means it's either a really really low B or a really really high C. And you know what? I'm going to go ahead and assume that I got the really really low B. And this is phenomenal. Seriously. A miracle. I somehow managed to raise my grade at *least* a full letter grade, if not more. I'm going to go ahead and bake some celebratory brownies.

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