Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I know I already wrote today... so this may be a bit.. "Bloggery Overload" for you... but I couldn't resist sharing my latest tale of victory over the toilet.

If you know anything about my life at all, you will know that before Easter break, my toilet and I got in a fight and the toilet won... creating the 10,001st lake in my apartment. Since then, the toilet has been acting rather funny... flushing twice, as if to taunt me by saying, "Ha ha.. I'm acting about as abnormally as that one day I decided to explode all over your apartment."

Today, the toilet decided that it would try to get the best of me once again by flushing twice... but clogging up on the first flush... thus making it impossible for me to stop the impending catastrophe. However, smart roommate was home and taught me how to turn off the water valve... so toilet... VICTORY IS MINE! I think we're even now.

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