Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm at work right now. There is nothing for me to do. I still have 35 minutes left until I have to leave. My boss left early and didn't leave me anything to do. ... What to do... what to do...

It feels good getting paid $8.18 to update this blog.

My pants are buzzing. Hold on.

Shoot. You know what I hate? I hate when my texting inbox gets full, and people keep sending me messages, and rather than not sending the message like I would rather it do, Verizon would rather say, "You have a message. Delete another message so you can receive this one." So now I'm curious, and I *have* to receive the message, because I *have* to look at it. I *have* to know who it's from. If I don't... I will probably explode. Because who knows who it could be! It could be Bob Barker, for all I know! If I don't receive this text message... if I choose to ignore it for the sake of not letting my phone bill get too crazy... I could really be missing out on something important!

And now I won't be receiving the message for another few hours anyway, because Verizon is a load of crap.

Moving on... work is alright. I'm getting a little more used to the long days, though I really despise having to wake up at 6:10 every morning. I've been starting to get into an evening routine though, where I chill out for awhile, wash my dishes and start getting ready for bed around 10:30, get in bed and read from 11:00 until whenever I can't keep my eyes open anymore... which lately has been between 11:11 and 11:17. It's really strange going to bed before midnight. Usually I don't go to bed until 3 or 4 in the morning. But I kind of like being awake during the daytime. I just wish my daytime didn't have to start at 6:10. 6:10 is a little too early. And somehow, I'm still managing to run out the door frantically at 7:29:30 and barely make the 7:30 bus. I'm lucky that I know the bus driver and he knows to wait for me... otherwise I would have missed the bus for the second time in a row.. which is sad, considering this is only my third day working. hah. I'm just not a morning person.

The up side to this job, however, is that I really enjoy it. It's not bus driving for sure... but... I enjoy it. I enjoy my coworkers and my supervisors. I enjoy doing something ministry-related. I have re-awakened my sleeping passion for youth ministry, oddly enough. Today I was reading through some teens' application essays for YTM, and they're phenomenal!! It gives me so much hope for the future of the Church. These teens actually care about volunteering and making a difference in the world. Even if they fall away from their faith for awhile... I know that their passion for serving others and making a difference in the world will last. And that's important. Everyone goes through ups and downs on their faith journey (which is why it's called a "journey" and not a "faith stroll in the park")... and it's only natural to fall away sometimes. But I do believe that there's always something that will draw a person back to God somehow, someway. Service to others usually does it for me.

On a completely unrelated note... I just took a sip of water from my fancy new Bennies nalgene bottle, tipped it a little too far, and spilled all over myself. Shoot dang. Of course.

In other news... I'm starting my mission of watching all of the movies in the Alcuin library in alphabetical order backwards starting with the Z's. I wanted to accomplish that this summer.. but I'm guessing I'm going to have to give myself an extension until graduation. I'm starting off with "Zulu Dawn," followed by "Zorba the Greek," and followed by "Zoolander." Indubidably.

I guess I should try and figure out something to do. Maybe I'll go eat all those Hershey kisses over there. That sounds like a good idea.

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