Thursday, November 12, 2009

if a black cat crosses your path... something about your grandmother's back... or wait... that's step on a crack... nevermind.

Tonight, as I got out of my night class from St. John's, I heard a meow coming from the monastic gardens. I paused and looked around curiously and then continued. I saw a black cat emerge from the darkness and sit in front of me under a light. I said hello and continued on my way. The black cat looked at me curiously, and then began to follow me. I stopped. It stopped. I walked, it walked. I sped up, it sped up. I slowed down, it ran ahead of me, realized that I wasn't there, and stopped... and waited for me. I walked again and chuckled to myself. The cat walked closer and closer and closer to me. I don't know if it realized I was about to kick it with my feet, but it started weaving in between my legs as I walked, causing me to pause and start laughing out loud. "WHAT DO YOU WANT, CAT!!??" I asked of it. It looked up at me, sat on my feet, and meowed. I wiggled my feet, "Dude, cat, you gotta move your butt." It scurried off my feet and continued to dodge my legs as I continued my trek up to Sexton from Emmaus. I started to play with it a little. I stopped. Cat stopped. I jumped to the right. Cat ran to the right. I jumped to the left. Cat ran to the left. I faked right and went left and the cat totally fell for it. I laughed again. I passed Tommy Hall on my way up to the water fountain, where I was planning to sit and stare at the cat for awhile as I waited for my bus... and possibly call life safety and let them know that one of the monks must have lost their cat. The cat stayed back by Tommy Hall and didn't go any further. We engaged in a staring contest for awhile. The cat wouldn't move, and neither would I. It went and started meowing at all the guys walking into Tommy. I almost cried when one idiot boy hissed at it. Jerk. The cat ran away and stopped in front of Simon Hall, where it parked it's butt and laid down. I observed a young man walked in the direction of the cat. The young man stopped in his tracks and stared at the cat, unsure of what to do. He took a tentative step forward, and then another, and the cat didn't even look up at him. By now I'm cracking up... this is truly hilarious. The young man looks at me, "what the heck??" written all over his face. He pointed to the cat. I shrugged. He shrugged and yelled at me, "That's frickin creepy." hahaha. Then some idiot boys scared the cat and it hid in the bushes. Poor cat. I hope that I can be reunited with it one day. Easily the highlight of my day. Hands down. Or should I say... paws down. baha.

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