Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Bird. (not for the faint of heart!)

Today, I legitimately flipped the bird at someone for the first time. I mean. I've done it jokingly with my friends. I've done it in the car under the steering wheel just to get the feeling of satisfaction. But I've never actually done it with intention and without regret. If I ever do anything mean to someone... I always feel shaky and regretful after... because I'm a nice girl... and nice girls don't just flip some random guy off. But I just felt so... ROAR!!!!!!!!! Empowered!! Like I made a statement to a deserving d-bag.

The scene was this: I walked out of Coldstone, like it-size chocolate icecream with M&Ms in hand, with my roommate. We got to her car, when we heard a squealing of rubber on pavement, followed by a, "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU DUMB BITCH!!!" A red pick up blazed by, nearly knocking this poor girl off her feet. As the truck went by, without hesitation, I raised my middle finger, hand following truck as it passed, a giant "FUCK YOU!" being lip-synched by yours truly. Sir Dickwad certainly saw it and exchanged obscenities, but by that time I was in the car and getting ready to go the opposite direction.

So maybe the guy could have stopped and beaten the crap of me. It was probably the wrong idea at the time. I probably shouldn't have treated a child of God in that way. But the action was so automatic... and it felt so GOOD. I should voice my opinion more often.

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