Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today, instead of thinking about Paul and His Letters, I had a genius idea. I think it's an idea I had a couple years ago... but now that I'm desperate for extra cash again... I remembered it... so I guess I have to say that I remembered a genius idea.

Would people on campus pay someone to clean their bathroom, living room, and kitchen, for $5 per room? Dishes for an additional $3? Tips accepted?

My first thought was... this could work. $15 an apartment could add up over time. I could even give people the option of wanting lemony fresh or unscented cleaning products.

However... would I realllly want to go in a guy's bathroom? I mean... come now. Could anyone pay me enough to go in there without a bio-hazard suit? Am I desperate enough? I'm bordering yes.

And then, at the end of class, I realized just how much I'm turning into my mother. My mother cleaned houses after she got a divorce to support herself and her two daughters. And now... maybe I'll be a cleaning lady, too. It could be good. My Mom met my dad that way.

Food for thought... food for thought...

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  1. Hey you! I would think that a lot of those rooms/apartments you'd be cleaning on those terrible Saturday and Sunday mornings after crazy parties...and then the other very real question is: would you clean up puke? and lots of it??? Are there any other job options you could look into? prayers!