Saturday, April 24, 2010

The List

When you were in middle school/high school... did you ever make a list of qualities you want your future husband to have? A "grocery list"? Like there was some kind of "Man Store" that I could go to to get one of my own?

Yup. I found my list. And I know it's my high school list because it's long, first of all, and second of all, it has my characteristic capital "R"s in words, even if they aren't at the beginning of a sentence. Who knows why I only capitalized the "R"s.

Anyway. The following is "The List."
*TalleR than me--between 5'9" and 6'8"
*PRefeRably [okay capitalizing the r's is getting old] bigger built than me--I want to be swallowed in a hug.
*Love Jesus.
*Love others because Jesus is in others.
*No fear of spiders, earwigs, or other insects that happen to find their way into our house.
*Strong appreciation for stars and sunsets and other amazing things in our universe.
*Strong appreciation of mystery.
*Desire to help others
*Love children
*Amazing sense of humor
*Laid back, but still serious when he needs to be.
*Reads poetry to me.
*Attractive in the face.
*Deep thinker--must enjoy good conversations at night.
*Must have an appreciation of art and music.
*Playful--needs to be a big dorkwad too.
*Likes to read
*Have a passion for something good.
*Live life reflecting his beliefs.
*Same beliefs, values, goals.
*Good listener
*Likes jazz.
*Open-minded and confident in himself
*Handles conflict well
*Not moody or overdramatic
*Able to maintain a budget
*Our souls have to connect [oh gag me]
*Good backscratcher/massager
*Good hair--something I can fiddle with without braiding.
*Must like movie nights at home sometimes.
*Must be able to keep eye contact
*Take charge attitude
*Doesn't drink too much--occasionally is OK
*Doesn't smoke cigarettes or do drugs
*Looks at life from all sorts of different perspectives
*Able to relate things in life to Jesus.
*Good at math
*Must love icecream, mashed potatoes. chocolate-covered things, chocolate in general/give me any of those things whenever I ask.
*Smells good.
*Likes camping [[this really surprises me as I went camping maybe once]]
*Willingness to try new things
*Enjoys quiet
*Brushes and flosses and showers regularly
*Can cook
*Must surprise me sometimes
*Must like to smile and laugh, even if it's for no reason at all.
*Willing to share his life with me.
*Dreamy eyes
*Must have some recessive genes so at least one of our kids will have light hair or eyes like me.
*Slight facial hair. Will grow a beard when he's older than 60.
*Generally optimistic view of life.
*Will push me on the swings or roll down hills with me.
*Will make amazing snow forts/snowmen and will engage in snowball fights.
*No penny loafers or bad tennis clothing.
*Must kiss me on the cheek and forehead.
*Good heart
*Genuinely cares for others.

Long list, yes? I think I figured the longer I made the list, the more likely I'd find someone with many of these qualities.

Now many of these qualities are very similar to each other, and some of them are downright unnecessary (like the camping one... seriously? I don't even go camping).

But, well. Let's just say that while reading this list, I discovered there was a certain potential thing-thing who fit basically everything... even down to the liking jazz and having an appreciation for art... a potential thing-thing who I actually got to know and can legitimately argue how well he fits the list, rather than just go based off of what I can tell from his facebook profile.

I think I would make high school-me proud. I just wanted to share with you. Because it's interesting. Interesting indeed. :o)

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  1. Oh my goodness we sound sooo much a like its insane!! :) God bless, and praying for you and your future husband! :)

    Ashley Walz- One of Kym Allex's Youth