Friday, May 28, 2010

Is this company for real?

Okay. So. After once again reaching a point of being ready to give up in my job search after making phone calls and being denied interviews (even from District 15 for bus driving... what. the. heck), I hopped on and found this little beauty of an ad. Please tell me they're real.

Customer Service Representative

About the Job

We are looking for a highly motivated and organized customer service representative that can handle a heavy volume of emails and phone calls.​

A majority of your day will consist of answering emails and phone calls.​ Other miscellaneous office-type duties will range anywhere from sending faxes and mailing letters to packing an order, troubleshooting computer issues and entering lists of data into spreadsheets.​

Who We Are:
We are a small family-owned company with a team of 15 other "rock star" team members looking for the perfect customer service representative.​ We offer a fun and flexible team-oriented environment where hard work and contributions do not go unnoticed.​

Office dress code is casual.​ Hours are flexible although phone lines are open 9 to 4 so at least one CSR needs to be in at 9 each day.​ Everyone is treated like a professional; we don't have a lot of rules.​ We offer a happy, relaxed, clean, fun and comfortable place to work and we've never had anyone quit.​ Everyone in our office knows each other and we are all one big, happy (mostly!) family.​ There will be an occasional late night or weekend that you will be required to work to finish a project.​ We typically work 8am to 5pm on weekdays and no weekends.​ We are more than happy to work around a student's class schedule or other circumstances.​ All major holidays are considered paid time-off.​ The period in between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a busy time of year for us and it is likely that you would be required to work 60 hours a week for a maximum of 4 weeks during that period.​ We do pay overtime over 40 hours.​

Our business is in the craft, hobby, and design industry, so if you love watching Martha Stewart, you will probably love this job (although you have to love customer service too since that would be your primary role).​

Required Qualifications:
Must have a minimum of 2 years experience with customer service, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.​ Fast and accurate typing is a must.​ Candidates must be able to write professional emails and deal with a variety of customer issues in a professional manner.​ Computer skills are required.​ Must be familiar with Microsoft Word.​ Must be highly organized, focused, flexible, a self-starter and a team player.​ Must be able to produce quality work efficiently and under time constraints.​ Advanced computer skills desired.​ If you regularly use the "F1" key on the keyboard (help) or search for answers to your computer issues on your own using Google, you are the employee of our dreams! Do you use key combinations like "Alt" +​ "Tab"?​ Even better! Do you research advanced Excel techniques to make tedious tasks go more quickly?​ If so and you meet our qualifications, then please please please apply!

How to get your resume read:
Each time we post a help wanted ad, we receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters to sort through and it is often impossible to go through each of these, let alone interview each of you.​ If you've read this job ad and it sounds interesting and you really want to be noticed, put the formality aside and please please please DO NOT send us boring cover letters that you copied from a book or the internet telling us how "intriguing" our company sounds and how you are a "hard worker and detail-oriented".​ This means very little to us as every other cover letter we receive also states those exact same traits.​

Instead send us an e-mail and try to sound human. ​ Remember! Formality aside; we won't fault you for it.​ Tell us how you've used Outlook for 5 years, you love learning how to use new applications, but you've been out of the workforce for 3 years and you're ready to jump back in and wanting to learn again.​ Or tell us that you've always been the top performer, you love paperwork, you can't seem to find a job you love, and that's why you're applying for this one.​ Tell us something that makes you STAND OUT!!! If you really want this job, sending us a resume and e-mail that stands out illustrates that point for us.​

What we're looking for:
We only hire rock stars; others need not apply.​ And when we say "rock stars" we mean candidates that are hard-working, loyal, highly intelligent, love to change/​improve business processes, fix problems once and for all, know how to contribute to the team, have a positive attitude, bring ideas with them to meetings, and care about our company like it is their own.​ And, last but not least, rock stars are star performers who are self-motivated.​ We don't have a lot of middle management in our company because we don't need any.​ Team members know what their jobs entail and work hard.​

If you're previous boss had nothing but good things to say about you, you're probably a rock star.​ If you were always rated the top performed on your team, you're probably a rock star.​ If everyone always came to you to help with their work-related issues (that weren't even related to your job), you're probably a rock star.​

So, if you're a rock star, be ready to tell us how and why and this position is yours!

And if you think you're a rock star, you probably are, so don't be scared away by our ad.​


My guess is that their family business involves not only selling the acid, but testing it. I'm pretty sure that this is my dream job, as I am indeed a rock star. Oh, job search, how I hate you, and yet, how I love you.


  1. Please tell me you're seriously applying for this job!! Sounds like you're pretty qualified...PLUS you're an amazing writer, so the cover letter should be easy peasy!

  2. oh, but I did. fear not. :o)