Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh don't look at me with those judging eyes...

Yep. Today I flipped on MTV and discovered Justin Bieber. I know that I'm obviously completely out of the loop with this one because apparently he's already some hit star... but oh man. I'm pretty sure I fell in love just now. I mean not love love... the kid is 16 for crying out loud... but seriously. Just look at him. He's such a teenager. His hairstyle is awesome. I about died when I saw him getting a call from Usher at the start of his video.

But I think aside from his charm and adorable face that I just want to pinch and go "aww" at, the song seriously pulled at my heart strings.

I remember when I was 16 and thought I found the love of my life. And I think that's why I like this song the most... because it's a 16-year-old singing about how he too thinks he found the love of his life. And it's just so cute and innocent. And I mean, okay. The kids in the video are at a party. But there's silly string involved. How fricking cute is that?

I just saw it and it reminded me of myself... trying to be cool and grown up and plan out my wedding to that one boy who I truly believed I would marry one day. And I obviously won't now... and oh boy. I apologize. I just can't write properly when my little heart is going a pitter-patter reminiscing of the good ole days.

Don't judge.


  1. This is not unlike me and the Jo Bros. I will not judge, lest I be judged.

  2. PS: I love how he refers to this girl as "Shorty." How hardcore is JB?!