Wednesday, March 24, 2010

but they said "no nudity allowed..."

Recently I discovered a hit web phenomena called "Chat Roulette." The concept of Chat Roulette is kind of interesting, actually... you're in this random chat room with a complete stranger and uh. chat with them. obviously. Each room allows for webcam access, and I discovered that the majority of people used webcams, and since I do not have one on this computer, most people "nexted" me to move onto someone with a webcam so they could see who they were talking to. So I was sitting there watching person after person click next on my big grey box of a webcam image... when suddenly, I encountered a man. Half a man, really. The lower half. As seen from under a table. Pants were not in the picture. Neither were boxers. I don't even know if the socks were there. The makers of Chat Roulette promised me no nudity. And well. That was definitely a man I saw.

Excuse me while I go burn my eyeballs and take a shower in holy water.

ChatRoulette... never again.

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