Sunday, August 23, 2009

Move-In Weekend

The freshmen are coming! The freshmen are coming!

Actually... they're already here. And now that there are people on campus... I feel like they're all just a bunch of intruders, invading on my territory that I've come to know and love/hate since about May. Well, since about August 08, really, but summer-wise... May. This frustrates me, as I was so looking forward to people returning to campus... and now that they're here... I just kind of want to punch them in the face. Weird? Maybe it just takes some getting used to. It's like a new pair of underwear. At first it's restrictive... and then it becomes part of you!!!!! (name that movie!!)

I'm sure this feeling will go away tomorrow when I finally get to drive my bus again. In 24 hours I will be driving a bus... most likely from St. Ben's to St. John's. Or I'll be on a break. Who knows, really. Either way... 24 hours from now... I will have had contact with a bus. That's pretty awesome. And a lot better than Emmaus.

I still haven't finished unpacking all my crap. I should probably get on that... considering my roommate roommate is moving in tomorrow. Hm. I have all night for that. Right? Right.


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