Friday, September 18, 2009


Today is a fantastic day. So far. I think it's going to continue to be fantastic.
Today in astronomy, my brain turned off to the lecture, and I made a list of reasons why my day is so fantastic so far. I think I could continue it.

Reasons Why Today Is The Best Day Ever:
*Watching Tom Kirkman make the earth move.
*Frankie Valli has been in my head since last night.
*Did not get a crappy cup of java from Johnnie Java.
*Got an answer to write down on my quiz... even if it wasn't exaactly correct. I'm still a smart cookie.
*My skinny clothes fit on the first try today.
*I saw my friend Erin this morning and her lovely face. We embraced. It was magical.
*Wrote this list instead of pay attention in class. I still look like I'm diligently taking notes. I win.
*Saw the word "Weishlaschoss" written on the board. I have no idea how it got there, or what it means, but it looks fantastic.
*Just looked to my left... saw a kid in a bright red shirt with "That's What She Said!!" written on the back.
*I'm definitely wearing my fundies and none of them match.
*Even cold... my coffee STILL tastes good.
*It's 10:35 and I'm still awake.
*Frankie Valli is still there... you're just too good to be true... can't take my eyes off of you... :o)

The rest of my day will continue to be absolutely fantastic because
A) I get to work from 1:15 until 5:45.
B) I get to go to a shindig for work after. I have never not enjoyed getting together with bus drivers. Happiness will ensue.
C) I am in the midst of creating a "Happy Friday" mix for my bus. Get ready.


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