Monday, September 28, 2009

For my stalker friend... you know who you are...

Today I woke up. After waking up, I took a shower. When I got out of the shower, I forgot that I took my towel out to wash, and I was towel-less. I didn't know what to do, so I cracked up. I then bravely ventured forth into the cold hallway, in all my naked glory, to run to the linen closet and grab a towel. I risked a roommate waking up and walking out right then and there... but well, I've done more awkward things in my life than run around in the nude. After drying off and putting clothes on, I jammed out to the Foundations and Frankie Vallie, and then decided I was ready for class. I went to class and learned that I didn't do so well at all on my first test... but this doesn't bother me much as I am a very come-from-behind-victory-kind of girl. I bombed my first metaphysics test, too, which was 25% of my grade, and I still wound up with a low B. So eat that, astronomy! I fear no evil. After astronomy, I stood in the bus line in the freezing cold and extremely windy... wind... for at least 10 minutes. The bus finally pulled up, when all of a sudden this young man appeared right in front of me in line. I blinked a couple times... surely he was not there 10 minutes ago. I cleared my throat. AHEM. No response. I glanced over my shoulder to make sure the line was nice and long, and then tapped the young man on his shoulder. Um. Excuse me. You do know that the end of the line is way back there, right? I did not hide any emotions. The young man immediately turned a bright shade of red, shuffled his feet, looked at the floor, tail between his legs. Uh. yeah. Sorry. He then exited the line, and I resumed my rightful place in line. The young man in front of me actually went to Sexton to wait for the bus to fill up before returning to the line, which was left with maybe 5 people. Even when he returned, he cut. I guess you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.
After that little smackdown, I returned to my apartment where I checked my email and facebook and watching "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel while eating a hearty leftover ravioli lunch. After finishing my raviolis, I washed my dishes and put them away and cleaned the kitchen. After I was done cleaning the kitchen, I quickly went back to my room to make sure my playlist was all set for work, and then I left to go to work. I arrived at the transportation shop at exactly 1:15, where I was greeted by a bus with a missing muffler. What happened to 26? I asked. Someone stole the muffler. What are you talking about, someone stole the muffler? Well, I was driving it, when all of a sudden I realized that the bus was running a lot louder than it should have. The muffler is missing. Are you sure it didn't just fall off somewhere? Nope. I looked! Everywhere! You'd think you'd find a bus muffler layin around on the highway somewhere, but I didn't find it anywhere. Seriously? You think someone came here and stole the muffler right out of the bus? Yep. I do. One of those crazy nincompoop Johnnies, more than likely. After mourning the loss of the muffler of my second favorite bus (426--the Cadillac of all the busses), I drew up some designs for our shop bulletin board, and then before I knew it, it was 1:53 and I had to get in the bus. I did the 2:00 run, and then the 2:45 and 3:15 runs, and then the 3:50 run, and then I did the 5:00 run. My shift ended at 5:45. I got a call from my stalker friend inbetween the end of the 3:50 and the start of the 5:00 run saying she would be in town, so I busted my tush to get to the HCC to see her. I squeeled with joy when her lovely daughter chose to walk to me first instead of that crazy Caleb. I knew she was always a smart cookie. Stalker friend wound up leaving a lot earlier than I thought she would have, so I was able to make it to Gorecki to go to prison. Prison went as well as it usually goes... and it was nice to be back, believe it or not. During Mass, I was struck with this incredible urge to really make something out of prison ministry. I'm hoping to get the groups together during the week to build fellowship and actually plan the Mass,r ather than just showing up at the prison and throwing something together in the 5 minutes we have before the guys even show up. I'm also hoping we can do some kind of teaching mass... I think the guys would really benefit from it. After sayin goodbye to my prison buddies (both inmates and otherwise), I finally came back to my room and had a nice and huge bowl of fiberous and omega-3-filled buttered noodles. I've never eaten so many noodles in my life.. but I'm so full and happy and satisfied for indulging in my noodle craving. And the noodles were good for me, too! It was a healthy indulgence. So now here I am, 11:10 PM (almost 11:11! woo! ha), writing in my blog. I'm probably going to start my homework pretty soon, and then I'm gonna go to bed eventually. I have to write a Pauline letter... as in, pretend that I'm Paul and forge a letter. What a fantastic assignment. Oh Dr. Smiles.
Anyway. You wanted me to update my blog and tell you every little detail of my life, so there it is. I left a couple details out, though. About a *cough* and a certain *cough cough.* Exactly. Ambiguity may or may not be my middle name.

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  1. haha good job with that boy in the bus...oh you forgot to write about that sneezing fit you had while at work ;) a true stalker needs to know those things too... just kidding. thanks for writing tho. i truly enjoy reading what your posts have...normally a bit substantial, but hey who doesn't love a good towel-less story! love you!