Sunday, August 2, 2009

holy grad school application, batman

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to volunteer for a year with JVC before heading off to grad school. It just makes sense to me. And it's appealing to me. And I think I would really enjoy it and benefit from it.

However... what if I don't? What if, for whatever reason, I don't get accepted? Then what? Do I bum around for a year?

Or... what if I decide down the road to just skip volunteering for a year, for whatever reason, and just get grad school over and done with? (This option pops up accompanied by a little voice that says, "No! Volunteer for a year!")

To keep my options open... I decided to look at the admissions page for Loyola University (where I'm pretty sure I'm going to be attending for grad school... thank you sophomore year of college... that time when I was thinking about transferring, explored two options, decided on one, then changed my mind... but realized that the other one had a super awesome grad school program... so in the end... the entire experience was worth it)... and these are the questions I will eventually have to answer... if not now... then later.

1. Write a brief autobiographical essay, focusing particularly on what you consider key themes in your personal development.
2. Describe your current situation in your personal development.
3. Who and/or what have influenced you to pursue this course of study?
4. Describe the ministry experiences that have most impacted you.
5. Describe your educational journey.
6. How would you characterize your learning style?
7. Upon completion of this program, how/where/with whom do you see yourself ministering?
8. What contemporary issues do you see as most in need of being influenced by values and beliefs?
9. If you are not accepted into this program, what are your alternative educational plans?

HOLY COW!!!!! Do they want this application to be 20 pages long??? Because I'm pretty sure that will be the minimum for me to adequately answer all of these questions. 11 point font. Times New Roman. Single spaced. No cheating by increasing period sizes.

Aye carumba.

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