Friday, July 10, 2009

ohhhhh mannnn!!!

I can now fit into my pants on the first try.

I used to sometimes have to try them on first... and then stretch them out a little bit by sitting down Indian-style (Indian-style... haven't said that since... 3rd grade, at *least*) and doing a little dance. Sometimes I would just have to give up and wear a baggy shirt until the end of the day when my jeans would stretch out to perfection.

I can now fit into my pants on the first try. Hollerrrrr.

Really. This is epic. Any pants which would otherwise take three to four days to stretch out to the point of falling out now only take one. In fact... I can actually pull down the purple plaid bermuda shorts that I'm wearing right now without unbuttoning them or unzipping them. Surely this is a milestone of some kind.

I made cinnamon-apple muffins (4 points each) and peanut butter cookies (2 points each) tonight. They are deliiiiicous. And now my apartment smells like heaven.

I'm really looking forward to school starting. I'm super excited for my classes (Astronomy, Paul and His Letters, Family Church and Society, Intro to Pastoral Ministry, and eventually... The Theatrical Experience), and I'm even excited about packing my bag with new school supplies (I was always that nerd that had her bag perfectly packed with fresh pencils and markers before the first day of school in elementary school... heck... all the way up to high school... haha). I am not excited about spending any money on books, or about stressing over hours of homework and studying. But I'm looking forward to spending my day in class, rather than in an office. I'm definitely looking forward to bus driving (but that goes without saying).

Next week I'm going home for a few days (extended mental health day, if you will). I'm stoked. I've got an eye doctor appointment (YAY NEW GLASSES!!!), dentist appointment (YEAH DENTISTS!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!), a possible Theology on Tap or two (YAY FIRST TIME I CAN ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE THE TAP AT THEOLOGY ON TAP AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!!!!), hanging out with my sister and her husband (WHO I HAVEN'T SEEN FOR A FRICKIN YEAR BECAUSE OF CERTAIN SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES AND I'M SOOO EXCITED BECAUSE HE'S WAY AWESOME!!!!!), and QUEST!!!!!!!! I'm not even going to put anything in parenthesis next to QUEST because it's awesome enough to not need an explanation. I used a lot of caps in this paragraph. It's because I'm excited. And words cannot adequately describe the sheer joy I'm beginning to experience at the mere thought of sprawling out on my full-sized bed and not having any limbs fall over the edge. Perfection.

And then, after I get back, I only have... 3 weeks until I get to move into my new apartment. Yay!! I mean... Westkaemper is nice and all... but I've been here for almost an entire year... and it's getting old. A change of scenery is long overdue.

This weekend will hold many exciting experiences... including my first witnessing of a sister making her final vows/getting married to Jesus. It's going to be the wedding of the century, for sure.

PS--I juuust tried one of my apple-cinnamon muffins... and... OH MY GOODNESS. I'm impressed with myself. Glorious. And healthy!!! Yay good decisions!!!

I'm going to take a shower so I can sleep in as late as possible tomorrow. :-) Yay me. And yay you.

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