Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh, Hi.

I haven't written in a long while kind of and for that I apologize. I have made my secret blog not-so-secret, and if you are curious, you can find it here. It's pretty baller if you ask me. I have this one post saved as a draft that I will eventually make public, too. Hopefully sooner than later. I've mostly been holding off on posting it because I want to make sure it's good enough to post. See that's my problem... I worry too much about sounding like an idiot. haha.

Anyway. Just incase you were wondering... I'll let you know what's been going on in the wonderful life of Sara G for the past couple weeks!
1) Went to a housewarming party at a friend's house in the city. Had a BLAST. Seriously. I'm pretty sure the last time I laughed that hard was at one of Kym's political parties... where we played that one game... Loaded Questions?? The one where everyone's answer had to deal with Sarah Palin's ass? lol. oh man. memories. Anyway. I digress. The housewarming party was a much needed evening of constant fun and shenanigans. We wined and dined and wined some more, played some SERIOUS rock band (seriously... too much rock for one hand.. RAWR-type rock band), laughed-so-hard-i-peed-a-little-in-my-pants-multiple-times, and ended with a completely safe midnight trip to the beach. I would like more of that in my life.

2) I had a very promising interview at Loyola University that I am currently extremely anxious about. It was for an office assistant position at the Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage. The CCIH's mission involves basically taking great Catholic/Christian theologians and making it more accessible to both the Loyola and greater communities... regardless of theological background. The job description on the website sounded like it would be more receptionist-y... but going in for my interview I learned that it was a lot more event planning-y... and I got even more excited about it. I mean this interview went really well. They were using language like, "When you work here..." as opposed to "If you work here." The conversation flowed really well and they took a lot of notes. They asked me to describe what it meant to work in a team... and my seriously badass genius answer was in relation to the Trinity, which made them smile a lot. Shoot, the director of the center is from Minnesota, and when we walked over from HR to the CCIH, we were talking about St. John's and how awful Tommies smelled and etc. And they had five books of the St. John's Bible on display under shiny bright lights which I obviously noticed right away, and wowed them even more by pointing out that they were missing one book. I mean seriously. This was a good interview. I didn't have any underlying gut feelings that were bad. They said over 200 people applied for the job, and I was one of 4 chosen for an interview. They said if I was chosen, they would like me to start on the 23rd. But still, I'm FREAKING OUT right now because I haven't heard from them (the director said they had one last interview at the beginning of the week and that they would contact me as soon as possible after with a decision). I've been googling "signs of a good interview." My tummy hurts. I can't sleep through the night. I have butterflies. I want to be hopeful, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high either. I don't want to jinx it, but I can't help be excited about it. And then I'm afraid that if I don't get it, it will be another huge heartbreak for me, and I just don't want to have another huge heart break. One was enough for a summer. Geez louise. But my tummy hurts. And my poop is irregular. And I have a zit between my eyebrows that formed post-TOM. I would just like to be put out of my misery please. Yay or nay. Please. Soon. Before I pop. I mean if I get this job... it's going to be a hell of a commute until I can afford to move closer. I mean straight up pain in the ass. It's an hour train ride down to Chicago (at 6:30 in the morning, mind you), and then another 40ish minute bus ride up to Loyola. Twice a day. Ohhh, but I want it. I'm trying to actively leave it in God's hands... because obviously I did my best and everything else is beyond my control. But man. My tummy has been hurting all week. And I was even worse before the interview. And I've been rambling for forever. See? Nervous. Please pray for me.

3) Just incase I do not get the Loyola job, I do have a school bus driving job on the back burner. I have to retake all of my tests though, which is another pain in the kisser. I embarrassed myself today when I took a practice test online and failed it. Whoops. Guess I've got some studying to do. In all fairness... the questions were stupid ones like, "Precisely how many feet will it take a bus going 55 mph to stop in the rain in Russia on a Wednesday?" Of course I don't know. I am one with my bus. I don't need numbers. Pff.

4) I think I have poor circulation, because my feet are often purple, while the rest of me is not. I'm trying to combat this by wiggling my feet and keeping my toesies warm.

5) Teigan is 1 years old. what what!! And Bella is going to be 2. Seriously. Stop it. Right now.

6) I do NOT have "move in!!!" scribbled ANYWHERE on my August calendar. This is also making my tummy hurt. I mean I'm excited to be a big bad adult now... but man. I want to go back. Weird? I had a dream last night about going back to school. I was mostly excited when, in my dream, I got on the Link again. I hope this missing-the-Link-thing will go away sooner than later.

7) So my church has this thing called "CALLED," which is a year-long speaker series about finding your calling in the Church as a lay minister. So I want to sign up for it, right, because I'm you know, discerning my calling to the Church as a lay minister. Turns out the stupid thing is $200. Seriously. To pay for speakers who are ALREADY PAID STAFF AT MY PARISH. what the heck. Can you tell me the logic in that? Because I can't seem to find it. There must be a shit ton of reading materials. And even so.. why can't I just pull a college-student and get copies of said reading materials for dirt cheap off the black market? Hm? Ugh.

8) I got a new Sims3 expansion pack with my Target gift card yesterday. hahaha. Oh man. So my Sims can do laundry now. How freaking cool is that? Also, they have new careers, such as being a firefighter or a GHOSTBUSTER (yes. ghostbuster), and I can FOLLOW THEM AROUND ON THE JOB!!!!! Oh man!!! Now I can control every single thing about their life!!!! I'm beginning to think I have control issues. But seriously. Today, my firefighter Sim went to work, and he had to respond to a small house fire, and the closer he got to the site, the more I could start hearing this James Bond-y/danger-themed music playing to go along with his action of fighting flames. It was INTENSE. Oh man. *cough*

I think that's it for now. I gotta check on my laundry. :o) Bye. :o)

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